Our Pets


Pitbull Lab Mix

Leeloo (associate to Ms. Lenkey) is 10 years old. She loves napping, snuggles, car rides and walks. She has perfected the sad puppy dog eyes, but her tail is always wagging.


Domestic Short Hair

Jiji is a 2 year old tuxedo cat, and an associate to Dr. Beebe. She enjoys long naps and tuna and dislikes her brother (see below).


Domestic Short Hair

Fleabomb (F-bomb for short, 3 years old) is an associate to Dr. Beebe and brother to Jiji. His favorite hobby is bullying his sister.


Pitbull Mix

Harli works hard as an associate to Ms. Sowick. She is always happy to contribute to teleconference lab meetings by squeaking her favorite toy.


Domestic Short Hair

Elf is an associate to Ms. Sowick, and brother to Harli. He enjoys shedding and teasing Harli.



A group of koi also act as associates to Ms. Sowick. They enjoy spending time in the sun with their friends, the frogs.

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