Our Pets

Hoppy loves the snow and hates squirrels and vegetables. When she is not enjoying her favorite snack, popcorn, she loves to cuddle.
Fleabomb (F-Bomb for short) enjoys bullying his sister, Jiji.
Ms. Sowick’s koi fish love spending time in the sun with their friends, the frogs.
In addition to sitting on pot holders, Jiji loves long naps and dislikes her brother, F-Bomb.
Jeffrey (boer goat) and daisy (angus calf) both live on a farm where they are accompanied by 21 fellow goat companions and 16 cows. Favorite hobbies include eating hay and getting their ears scratched.
Elf’s hobbies include shedding and teasing his sister, Harli.
Harli is always happy to contribute to Zoom lab meetings by squeaking her favorite toy
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