The Schofield Lab

Headed by Dr. Brett Schofield, we are an auditory neuroanatomy lab located at Northeast Ohio Medical University. We use traditional and viral tract-tracing techniques to study the pathways of the brain that are involved in hearing.

Why does hearing your name in a crowded room grab your attention? How can someone sleep through noise from a nearby highway, but be immediately awakened by soft cries from a baby? Why do you start to hate your favorite song if you use it as an alarm for too long? Our work seeks to lay the foundations to answer questions like these about how the brain processes sounds.

Our Research

We have several current topics of interest in the lab. These include study of descending auditory pathways, cholinergic circuitry, types of inhibitory cells, and a collaborative project looking at circuitry of subclasses of inferior colliculus cells. Click below to read more about our research or our funding.

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Our People

We are located at Northeast Ohio Medical University, and we work as part of the Hearing Research Focus Group.

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